Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ethiopia’s Ogaden celebrate anniversary of liberation movement

Ethiopia’s Ogaden communities across the world are preparing to celebrate on the day of August 15 to remember the thousands of people who has sacrificed their life on the name of Ogaden Liberation Front ONLF.
In 1984, exactly on August 15, Ogaden National Liberation Front has been founded by scholars of Ogaden in Somali Region of Ethiopia to liberate Ogaden Region from the Ethiopian occupation.
Not only around 10,0000 of Somalia Ogaden in Origin are living in western countries are preparing the celebration but also, an active Ogaden community in South Africa, Kenya, and other important countries in Asia and Africa are celebrating the ONLF 28th Anniversary of ONLF.
For Ogaden people, ONLF is only liberation front fighting for Independence of Ogaden region.
ONLF has military wing and political wing with different cadres, military is engaged combats against Ethiopian Troops in Ogaden Region while, the Political wing advocates foreign affairs and Human right issue in Ogaden Region.
ONLF is led by Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, a former Somalia Admiral who is originally born in Ogaden Region, studied his military academy in Egypt Alexandria and Former Soviet Union.
According to experts, ONLF is military is growing and Ethiopian Intelligence believe in as National Threat to Ethiopian ruling party, EPRDF.
Ogaden region is under unstable and there is a conflict between, the ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front and Ethiopian troops, ONLF had captured the International media on 2007 while they attacked a chine’s oil field In Ogaden.
Ogaden Region locates in the centre of Horn of Africa, eastern Ethiopia, and the People in Ogaden Region are ethnic Somalis, Muslim Sunni.
Human Right Organizations accuses Ethiopian government for genocide taking people in Ogaden Region.
According to ONLF official who spoke to Ogadentoday Press, said, ONLF central Committee members are Vice Chairman are visiting several Arab and African Countries.
Ogaden People are seeking for self-determination of Ogaden Region. ONLF has many supporter and strong members across the world.
Ogaden was handed over to Ethiopia by the Britain and Italian colony In Ogaden early 19Th Century.
** This was originally published in Ogadentoday Press

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